Friday, July 08, 2005

friday links

added some links to my links page (which is starting to get way too unwieldy!), including a friends' links section.

here are the friend links so far...

Oona - previously mentioned on blog
Heather D - hilarious elementary school friend who, with her partner, started Lesbian Pulp-O-Rama!
Lynn - friend from our disbanded book club, who is taking reading to the streets with her biz, Brown Bag Books

and here are some other links:

creature comforts - craft/design blog
kate larkworthy - represents some interesting artists
little by jenny - crafty shop - check out the felted bird brooches and flower hairpins
brendan monroe - art found through monstertown

book recommendation: Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver - very enjoyable characters and landscape

movie recommendation: Me and You and Everyone We Know - outstanding movie!!! by miranda july. go see it.


poppy said...

thanks for the fun links!

maria said...

i don't think i could love the felted birds more! thanks for the links! great stuff, mav