Tuesday, July 12, 2005

self portrait tuesday: birthday # 32

I was going to wait until Thursday to post this, but Thursday is Take Your Pet to Blog Day, and this pic works better for Self Portrait Tuesday.

On Thursday I turn 32. When my mom turned 32, she was married, had a career and a 4 month old baby (me). It's strange to me that I'm now the age she was when I began to know her and she to know me. I can now say, I knew my mom when she was my age! And she's now twice my age, which she'll never be again. All this math to say I'm a bit weirded out thinking about the above. But it also makes me feel somehow closer to my mom (and behind in life milestones! though I TRY not to compare). It feels more like her birthday than mine for some reason (which I guess all my bdays are, as she's the one who did the birthing!) Here we are at 35 and 4. I hope we have at least another 32 years together.

On a materialistic note, things I want to get myself for my bday (or down the road):
*an old timey (i guess that goes without saying) typewriter
*the Griffin and Sabine trilogy (Have wanted this for over 10 years. It's about time!)
*a close up lens for my camera
*Jill Bliss native flower posters and cards

And this present, I know I'm getting from my friend/coworker frances. (She and I have the same bday, {happy bday in advance francipants!} so it's only appropriate that we get each other the exact same gift.)


maria said...

so pretty... and a birthday this week. wonderful!
cheers to you! mav

Kim Carney said...

Happy Birthday. What a wonderful photo of you and your mom. Have a great week!

mati rose said...

happy early birthday! i love the photo:)

Amy said...

Pretty smile girls. Happy birthday!

K said...

A friend gave us Griffin and Sabine for a wedding gift. :D I heart them so! I think I may have to dig those books out! Thanks for the reminder!
Happy happy happy birthday!