Saturday, July 16, 2005

tanyas, mailart and jobs

i am so enjoying listening to the be good tanyas. and aren't they pretty?! i love the colors in this photo too. i don't know who took it, so i'm sorry for not giving credit.

i received this lovely and unexpected postcard from mail artist frips. frips' cat disappeared for almost 8 months and then came back! here is a pic of the cutie after just having returned (from another blog of frips'). frips also sent me an add and pass little book. i'm looking forward to surprising someone with it and can't wait to get a copy of the book back when it's full.

i think if i was a postal carrier it would be so hard not to keep the beautiful mailart going around. at the very least, it would take me forever to deliver the mail cuz i'd have to appreciate the mailart before delivering it.

speaking of other jobs...i am so tired, in body and spirit, of sitting in front of a computer all day. it's time to find something else. it is so hard to leave the security/familiarity of my job, especially when i have no clear job destination in sight. keri frequently writes (in various ways) about not taking the safe route in life. god it's so hard to leave the safety. but the reasons to leave it just keep piling up, and i can't avoid them much longer. there are, and have been, good reasons to keep my current job. but at this point, the reasons to leave are outweighing the reasons to stay. when i think about leaving the security/familiarity, half of the time i feel like i can't breathe, and the other half i feel excited and restless.


Anonymous said...

if you feel it's time please, please, please make the move. i have been so unhappy at my job, but too afraid of the unknown to do anything about it. i keep telling myself "only six more months"...well here i am, five years later. please dont be like me.

juju said...

I love the Be Goods too. They always look great and inspiring too.

maria said...

i know just what you mean about leaving a job ... it can be so frightening. the thing is that you only hit what you aim for {if that makes sense} ... in other words, if you don't try something you will never know what the possibilities are. life is full of so many possibilities. sometimes we just have to take aim and jump!
i wish you luck and i'll be looking forward to hearing about it, mav

tania said...

i missed your b-day! hope you had a lovely one.

and good luck on the job stuff- i quit one job last year i had had for 10 years! it was part time but becoming soul destroying and even though i miss the money i am glad i left.
it's sooo hard to decide though!

poppy said...

it's always so hard to be in that position - but i know what you mean - especially like you say when you have no clear job destination. sometimes sitting in an unhappy place is good because it makes you make a move, it's just finding where you want to go thats the hard part.