Thursday, July 21, 2005

take your pet to blog: sally

guess it's old picture week here. this is sally. (smokey the cat is in the background. i was afraid of smokey.) sally's one of those most special pets for me. we got her as a puppy. she was part malamute, part husky. don't really have any specific stories about her specialness. it was more just her personality and that kindred spirit feeling. (look at her smile in this photo! you can't see the twinkle in her eyes very well in the scanned version, but there's a big twinkle in her eyes.)

when sally was only 3 i think, and i was in the summer between fifth and sixth grade, i went away for a week for girl scout camp on catalina island. she somehow got out of my parents' yard and the neighborhood and ran down to the main road in the canyon and was run over by a car. that was probably the first death in my life that shook me. when i got home, i collected sally fur (which i found a surprisingly large amount of) around the yard, and kept it in a jar in my room.

my parents' dog of choice is the schnauzer. they've had schnauzers my whole life. first a miniature, then a standard, and then giant (rescue) schnauzers. right now their six year old giant schnauzer, reggie, is really sick and probably dying. he's a big sweetheart. so i'm sending good thoughts out to reggie. i think he's one of those most special pets for my dad.

(pinky leon will be back next week!)


Cosy said...

Oh that's so sad about Sally. She looks like a wonderful girl!

Sending good wishes for Reggie. Losing a pet is such a difficult thing. My heart goes out to him and I pray Reggie pulls through.

chloe said...

Sally was one beautiful dog. and refua schleima to Reggie.

maria said...

what a wonderful post!!! i love how you collected her fur and kept it in a jar ... and the pictures are really great. thank you for sharing this and especially for sharing pet to blog day with p2p!!! mav

poppy said...

ok - that really got me - collecting her fur and putting it in a jar. that is such a bittersweet thing. very nice post.

Anya said...

Sally! You always had the greatest pets when we were growing up. I loved coming to your house -- mostly for your friendship, but also to see all of your wonderful animals since I had none (well, fish + a turtle) until I was 12 and got Loki -- from YOUR DAD! ; ) Anyway, I love seeing old photos of you... ahhh youth!!

arc said...

such a sweet post and photo. pets really make the world go round.