Thursday, August 25, 2005

bring your friends' pet to blog: CUTE!

(note cute paw placement)

today i'm bringing the shiniest dog ever to my blog. this is Vegas!, the shiniest dog ever. she lives (as seen here) with jen and christina.

i had the honor of being present when Vegas! (then known as Jojo) wiggled her way into my friends' (and my!) hearts at a milo mobile adoption about a year ago. we had gone to the mobile adoption for jen and christina to look for a puppy, but they weren't 100 % sure about really getting one that day. none of the dogs made them feel sure, so we left after a while to peruse the nearby sporting goods store.

we decided to walk by the dogs again on the way back to see if our friend corrie and her dog were still there. they weren't, but Vegas! was! she was little and sweet and black. a milo volunteer said all of her (was it 6?) siblings had been adopted out, and she was the last left because she wasn't a looker (black animals being the hardest to adopt out). we took Vegas! around the block (actually i think jen carried her around the block), and jen and christina both had this muted, excited energy. like they both really wanted her but weren't sure whether to influence the other with their excitement. we sat down on a stoop and jen and christina actually made me listen to their thoughts separately in order to come to a decision. they each told me how sure out of 100% they were (meanwhile the muted excited energy feeling was getting more and more intense!) i forget what their percentages were, but basically they both really wanted Vegas! and the small missing percent was just their still not wanting to pressure the other person. (i of course was 100% sure, very much wanting to be a doggie auntie. hehe) anyhow, they adopted Vegas! and since then she has gone to puppy school and agility, has about 25 toys, multiple collars, gets a huge assortment of treats, gets lots of good walks, is showered with love and has numerous adoring aunties and uncles. she is the most spoiled puppy i know! and the shiniest.


what a happy family!
more of this cutiepie later i'm sure. cuz you can't really see her cutest features here (besides the shiniest of fur) - ears, snoot (the family word for snout) and eyes. and tail. damn she has a lot of cute features.


poppy said...

that coat is amazing - the blusih tinge to it reminds me of a veronica comic. (you know veronica's blue-black hair)...nice dog!

maria said...

fun fun fun! i love that sweet paw placement... thanks for sharing your friends & their pet with us! cheers, mav

anya said...

Speaking as someone who just adopted a black doggie just 4 months ago...
aawwwwww... what a cutie!!
: )