Tuesday, August 02, 2005

self portrait tuesday: faking it

a fuzzy picture of me feigning sleep. an unispired self portrait tuesday, i must admit. i do like photos of people sleeping though. not sure why. maybe because they're in that mysterious dream place. really this pic is just an excuse to show off the new sky blue ikea sheets though. i really wanted some orange sheets. had found some on the fancy, high thread count garnet hill site on sale for cheap and i got so excited. but they turned out to be sold out. fooey.

check out camilla's new shop with art prints. she has a very sweet self portrait tuesday post too.


Laurel said...

The new sheets are divine :) I hope they're soft and comfy!

maria said...

i think it's a very sweet self P. i love the fake out.
for sheets you might check out the company store. i am sure they have a website -- good prices, great colors! good luck with it... mav

ps. i LOVE your little bears. they are so sweet. i want to get one for my friend who is having a baby in january. we have some time...