Tuesday, August 16, 2005

self portrait tuesday: bedtime toes

bedtime toes

more bedtime toes

bedtime corner

took these last night while listening to sigur ros and thinking of this poem by may swenson:

The Process

Lie down upon your side
and fold your knees
Bend your hands at the wrist
against your chest
as a cat or dog does in repose

Close your eyes and feel
your brow smooth out like a small
cloth in the wind
or a brook slipping
to gentle waterfall

Now wait for what will happen
Something will

Beneath this hill of breathing hair
a steep mine
Within this ear
oracles of echoes seep
Wide and clear the eyelid's dome
a galaxy where suns collide
and planets spin and moons begin

Words are birds perceived
in a secret forest
Fed by nerve and vein they hop
from twig to twig and up
an ivory ladder to the top
where it is light and they remain
and are believed

i felt very calm and folded last night (one can feel folded, really).

having my mom here this past weekend reminded me of where i got my worrywart-ness. she worries about just about anything. though i love her, the worrying drives me a bit crazy. worry seems to be a way to try to control one's life and it distracts oneself from the present. i wish we could just decide not to worry, which i guess is possible to some extent, but is easier said than done.

on a silly note, is anybody watching "so you think you can dance?" it's the american idol for dance show. i saw one episode and hope to see this wednesday's. my former hip hop teacher is on there! folks who know me (and don't already know about this) will find it hard to believe that i took hip hop for almost a year, but i did, and one of the 2 teachers i took it with was Allan, who's in the top 24. i have to say though, Nick's performance got me teary eyed, so I am rooting for him at the moment.

Svenskar: Undrar om nagon kanner nagon som vill ha hus/djurvakt (o jag kan betala hyra ochsa) 1-3 veckor i September (efter den 13:e) i Stockholm. Helst pa Soder. Min mormor har brutit benet och armbagen och jag vill halsa pa henne. Hon bor pa ett alderdoms hem o jag vill garna ha ett stalle att bo separat fran hemmet.


mati rose said...

i love this poem and your thoughts on worry.

maria said...

thank you for sharing in this post ... the thing about worry is it takes you out of the present moment. it's tough to be in that space where you are either worrying about something in the future or the past. it is tiring isn't it?
i LOVE the bedtime series. the bedtime corner photo is quite beautiful.
take care, mav

Camilla Engman said...

Vackra foton och vacker dikt.
Synd att din mormor (har brutit benet) inte bor i Göteborg, du hade gärna fått bo här.

Di said...

thanks for sharing your thoughts and the poem. You're not alone with that worry thing.