Sunday, August 28, 2005

feria report

(see more detailed mecozy display here)

the feria fair was a bit of a bust. not many sales. mostly my sweet friends bought things (thank you!). below is erica modelling a scarf she bought, and jen and christina holding a packaged up bear.

see how cheery they are?! it's the mecozy goods i tell you. hehe.

here is armani selling her beautiful harmani jewelry. (website coming soon.)

and here i am looking much more relaxed than i felt! (pic taken by christina)

and when i get my act together i'll put the bears up for sale on


mati rose said...

your wares look so cozy & yummy. i love all your colors! twas nice hangin' with you friday, too:)

poppy said...

nice display - look forward to seeing your online shop!

Jess said...

Those tea cosies (spelling?) are nice... going to make any from the scrap swap stash?

may said...

ah the bears are adorable... such fun and vibrant colors!

maria said...

i'm sorry to hear it was a bust... your stuff is so wonderful & original. maybe the right people were just not shopping that day! next time... eh?
keep on keeping on!!!