Thursday, August 04, 2005

idiosyncrasy tagging

idiosycrasy - a structural or behavioural characteristic peculiar to an individual or group.

i was tagged by port2port to write about 5 idiosyncracies of mine, and i better just get it over with or i'll think about it too much!! (i both love and hate things like this, but i'm glad mav tagged me.)

1. i prefer to sit on the floor rather than on a chair.
2. i cry in about 95 % of the movies i see.
3. (and here's where they start getting a bit weirder) i have a fascination with people's hair. i especially like wild hair. i also like when older women have long, shiny white or silver hair, like metal. i often stare at people's hair when they sit in front of me on the bus. public transportation has great hairwatching.
4. this is an idiosyncracy of both the flat i live in and myself: there is a closet in my flat that occasionally (i think it must depend on weather - i need to start tracking this) smells like the summer house my mormor and morfar had in Sweden. i often open the closet to check for the smell (and i worry i'm letting it out). on the days it does smell like Vallsta, you might find me hanging out for a bit in the closet.
5. i hate mushrooms (back to innocuous idiosyncracies). well i hate their texture and taste. i do like looking for them in the forest though.

i tag (if you haven't already been tagged) - camilla, kim, mati, stephanie and joleen


arc said...

i cry in about 95% of the movies i see too and i enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

i would rarher sit on the floor myself... when i was little i had a dog named mormor. she had a big behind, just like the familys own mormor. ( they gave her the name as a joke, then asked us to keep it.)

ste-pha-nie said...

This had me thinking all evening, as I trimmed my toenails, because I can't stand long toenails!

♥ joleen ♥ said...

I'm a crier too! :) Thanks for taggin' me!

maria said...

great list!! thanks for posting ... and i love the one about sitting on the floor. me too!! mav

poppy said...

ok - i cry too.....great post!

tania said...

those are great!
i love the closet one,