Thursday, August 11, 2005

bring your pet to blog

couldn't choose so here are two:

one owl

one peeking into the new housemate's room. dot of orange.

i ran into the charming and warm mati today. she lives around the corner. so fun to finally meet! of course i was awkward, as i am when i first meet people (ay - sorry mati). but i'm glad we're finally going to meet on purpose.

have a good weekend people. (my mom is visiting, so i probably won't be blogging much.)


maria said...

i love the pictures you take of your cat. they show such energy & personality. i just added you to my post ... i can't see a "pet to blog post" without you! :) have fun with your mama! mav

Aimee "Roo" said...

so very cute! the little eyes do look a bit like an owl. :)

have a wonderful time visiting with your mom.

mati rose said...

um, i think i was the awkward one showing you my shirts!!? you're sweet. have a great time with your mom and let's meet for tea first week in september, i mean it:)

jenny vorwaller said...

aww! i love that first one, so adorable! i really need to adopt a cat...

and you are so lucky to meet mati! :D