Tuesday, October 02, 2007

flickrs, colors and whatnots

a different view, slightly bigger here.

another fall bear for another little baby friend. the left one's
colors remind me of jess hutch.

been hanging out in my flickr favorites lately. a new to me photographer i'm really liking, is parachutgirl. m and m.

also liking minato's spare photo here.

and discovered these rad staches, some of which are apparently going to be in the new rare device in sf. neat-o.

in other news, i have a new housemate. she's super nice. it's funny how excited i get about other people's stuff. it's just interesting to see what, out of all the stuff floating out there in the world, a person chooses to buy/have/keep. and then i get so inspired by people's colors. everyone seems to have their own colors. i dig that. (i think i've mentioned this before.) AND i spied a lineup (!) of strappy sandals in a range of white, beige and cream. they make me think of the 70's. i'm restraining myself from taking photos. for now anyway. :-)


AmberCake said...

Just had to stop and say that the bears? They are so sweet. And yet not sweeeet sticky cutie-pie. Just very nice. And the right size. I've been thinking lots of objects that size, simple, ready to use as pocket friends.

I assume they are of your own invention?

shash said...

hi amber, yes they are of my invention—a pretty simple shape. but it's fun to play around with fabric combos. thanks for the nice comment!

Jess Hutch said...

Oh hey, I just saw your comment about the colors! Yes, those are pretty much my faves. And the pants, I love the pants.

Your stuffed guys are so lovely, I have mine displayed prominently so I can look at him whenever I want.