Friday, October 26, 2007

flickry friday +

happy friday!

yesterday was the Rare Device opening. as you would expect from a lisa-and-rena-made store, the store is beautiful and charming. and many bloggers' pieces could be found in the store. i will be going back when it's less crowded. here are some pics from the evening.

flickr favorites this week, mostly about light:

just a shadow
one of those photos that makes me ache in a good way
morran fikar (this photo has about 10 things that automatically lead to favoriting—morran, morran's ear, morran sitting at the table, ekologisk mjolk paket, fika, jatte stor bulle, chocolate (if i'm not mistaken) beautiful room and light, lovely cup and glass, from above view of table).
a homey scene, also with beautiful light

oh, also, i posted a little something on sew green.

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Camilla Engman said...

Det fattas bara en sak på Morran fikar fotot. En kopp kaffe/te som DU dricker ur :)