Sunday, October 28, 2007

city light

i rarely go downtown in SF. when i do, i'm usually at the embarcadero, the movie theater that shows independent films. today at the embarcadero i saw
(besides randomly mati and her hugh!) lars and the real girl, an unrealistic, though sweet and well-acted movie. i think ryan gosling is fantastic. (loved united states of leland and half nelson.)

anyhow, on the way back to the mission district, the sky was pinkish with puffy clouds, and the light was all glowy on all the tall buildings. when you don't see them all the time, those tall buildings look especially beautiful. all glassy and shiny and different shapes, and creating new shapes depending on the angle one looks down a street. so geometric. anyhow, the photos don't capture it, but here they are anyway.

super nice site: dream and awake

and lovelydesign is now sharing her lovely blog. and it is lovely.

ceramic-ish site: coe and waito

i want to go see this exhibit!

i seem to have decided to host another holiday glogg party+craft sale at my house in december. meanwhile i have almost nothing to sell. i've got a month to get crackin'! haven't had any creative spurts lately either. i hope one comes on soon. maybe having this deadline will help? maybe not being addicted to the computer screen would help too...

if you're looking for a book rec, i'm currently reading the inheritance of loss, and it's very good. great and unusual descriptions.

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