Tuesday, October 16, 2007

fun with paper bags

and one with pinky leon of course

i found wiksten-made through hannah's flickr.
jenny of wiksten-made makes beautiful clothes. jenny also posted her paperbag childhood photo, and inspired me to post mine (which is seriously fading!).

me and heather (ca. age 5?) in Ralphs Grocery style.
did you do this too?


hannah said...

funny how the internet works, huh? we were more into cardboard fashion at our house growing up. love your old pictures shash.

karin said...

The black-white photo is real nice.

Anonymous said...

Totally de-lurking to say that I never did that as a kid (though I had plenty of other fashion mishaps, er, adventures)...but I love what you're doing with your feet in that picture! So cute!

I've been reading for some time now - I used to blog, but am not blogging currently - and the things you post here really inspire me. So, thank you. :)

shash said...

hannah: cardboard fashion. ha! i'd like to see it!

thanks karin!

anonymous: thank you for the sweet comment! i appreciate it. often i think, why would anyone ever care about what i post? so i'm surprised and super pleased that something here inspires you!