Friday, October 12, 2007

friday flickrs +


carrot fields forever i love this one.
amazing pattern and so beautiful

and some great dog photos:

from marta plastica (love the light in this one)
skirt chaser
hot dog

and a link to anna emilia's new website
i bet you've already been to gracia & louise's new site
and jen's new simply photo site

are you all listening to in rainbows, the new radiohead? i had it on most of the day thursday, sinking in.
their music really does feel like it's physically seeping in, doesn't it? like it might enter lightly, dew on your pores. then absorb deeper, while you might not even notice. and then there you are, saturated with vibrating, tingling, ringing, humming, echoing.
agitating, lulling. softness and edges and sadness and all.

also printed up some fika postcards. i think my silkscreen is shot now though. now to sew the tablecloths onto the tables! (going to sew the fabric on top instead of peekaboo style like before.)

ps. happy belated national coming out day!


karin said...

Great link to Anna Emilia. Wonderful site.

jenifer74 said...

i always look forward to your friday flickr's because you introduce me to some great visual candy :)

kusink said...

Jättefina kort! :)

Daniel said...

hallå. jasså radioheads skiva är bra? då får jag helt enkelt fixa fram den tror jag :) kent släppte ny skiva förra veckan oxå. har inte hört den men dom brukar sällan göra bort sig helt. kram

paula said...

I've been loving In Rainbows!! Husband is a big Radiohead fan, so he stayed up late to get the password and it was on the iPod the next morning.

You have great taste in music, as always. ;)