Monday, October 08, 2007

bikes, bi-rite, brussel sprouts

cute turquoise and blue bikes.

hello! it's so beautiful out today. i stopped by the bi-rite creamery and got myself a sugarcone with strawberry balsamic ice cream and ritual coffee toffee ice cream. mums! (swedish equivalent of yum). also noticed the new store, the curiosity shoppe on valencia. can't wait to go in and see what they've got!

now i'm going to make a brussel sprout soup (mums again), do some homework and apply for a job. maybe i'll squeeze a nap in too, since pinky leon woke me up several times in the night, the little turkey.

i posted on sew green too, if you're sew inclined....


gracia said...

An afternoon catnap; I am all for those (where possible).
see you, g

kusink said...

hej fina shash! längesen jag kommenterade här nu... den där curiosity shoppe verkar ju helmysig! längtar till sf nu...!

imorrn bitti börjar jag mitt nya jobb! jättespännande!


karin said...

It looks like the cycles are talking to eachother:
"Hi. Where have you been last week. I've been missing you."
"Well, on the road."

amisha said...

a strawberry balsamic cone sounds so good... as does a catnap!