Wednesday, March 11, 2009


i just can't get enough of these mailboxes. they are so pretty. i like the way people stick numbers on them, and the numbers fall off. i like the paint and dents and stickers and rust and chipped off bits. the flower shaped ventilation holes (or whatever those holes are—maybe they're so you can see if you have mail without opening the box). the missing doorbells, the missing nametags, the missing key hole covers. so beat up and so beautiful! i imagine it's pretty hard to get a lot of bigger envelopes in there though. these were clearly made before the advent of junk mail.

tonight, handmade nation!


fog said...

these are the type we have. except mine has larger holes. when it's dark in the hall, i can put my pinkie into the hole and feel if there's any mail i couldn't see.

shash said...

thanks for the book recommendation. you should post a pic of your mailbox for me. :-)