Wednesday, March 04, 2009

more collaborative drawing

i am constantly forgetting/remembering how fun drawing is. k + p made a wonderful drawing last night that should definitely be made into a commemorative (of their sf visit) t-shirt. they also, along with erica, helped me with a homework assignment. some day i will share the results of it here maybe. it involves the adventures of a shaggy-lipped, teddy bear centaur.

last night i had the first restful sleep i've had in over a week i think. i feel both rejuvenated and tired. i had been running on some weird nervous, distracted, excited energy there for a bit.

k o p, vi ses i sverige snart hoppas jag.

1 comment:

Sergej said...

Ja, det hoppas jag verkligen. Du ar ytterst valkommen.