Monday, March 02, 2009

this is where peter grew up.

this is where peter grew up
by my cousin karin, peter and myself. we doodled while sitting for a long time at it's a grind cafe.

peter grew up over there on the left hand side of the drawing (near the bottom), in the orange house that is sparkling like a gem. that is the road one takes to his house, past the track field. many people miss that last stretch of road and just follow the dotted lines.

there was a reindeer in the forest nearby where he grew up of course, with a candle for a tail. or that carried a candle around on his butt. you know it gets dark in northern(ish) sweden. (at first i thought that the reindeer was yawning/showing his mouth, but i think that's actually his velvety nose. which is it peter?)

not having any siblings, i am finding it very comforting to have karin and peter in sf for a few weeks. i like just knowing that they're over there on polk street. i will miss them when they go.


kusink said...

So hilarious! I LOVE this post! And you.

(What a magnificent piece of art, by the way!)Hopefully Peter can shed a light on all of your questions above... ;)

We will miss you and SF too.

jenifer74 said...

practicing those reindeer drawings some more huh? :)

Pete said...

Yes, it is the nose. As always things doesn't come out as they're meant to be, for good and for bad.

It strikes me now that I've done some freudian parallell to the rednosed reindeer: The candle-assed reindeer. Lights the way in the darker places.

shash said...

definitely for good in this case.
hahahahaa. hilarious.

sulu-design said...

So glad you left me your blog address - I'm enjoying visiting your posts. This doodle, in particular, is just fabulous.