Friday, March 13, 2009

ruby red friday

since i recently finished a (primarily print) graphic design program, i've been looking for graphic design jobs. it's a pretty rough job market right now given that many talented and experienced designers are being laid off. and most of the jobs available are for higher level designers or web/flash designers.
so i've been considering other jobs in the interim, but it's so hard to know what to look for. i used to do administrative work and editing. and while i wouldn't mind doing this part time, i would rather not do it full time.

i keep mulling over what i really like and what i like to do/think about:


sustainable agriculture
reading fiction, nonfiction, blogs (you might think this would fall under books, but for books, i actually mean the physicality of books and the design of books.)

hanging out with old people


taking walks
organizing gatherings
(this one is a bit odd since i'm an introvert. but i'm an introvert who likes to be social {in spurts and as long as i can go home and turtle after}. i'm just realizing this lately, that i like to organize little events—well i suppose i like the planning more than the hostessing.)

i wish there was a way to combine my interests in craft, design, writing and sustainable agriculture. i'd like to do design work for CSAs and for programs/blogs/organizations that support alternatives to industrial agriculture. (check out this great program i read about on civil eats. i want to design for them!)

i (less seriously) think about doing a wwoof internship or applying to a sustainable agriculture-related master's degree program at uc davis.

i think about starting a green design studio with fellow classmates and artists who are in a similar position.

i think about dropping the class i'm taking, after our current project is done, and offering pro bono design services to my own csa, terra firma farms. it just seems like a better use of my time (both for the csa and for my own learning).

although it's terribly scary, it seems like now might be especially the time to dream bigger and not choose the safe route. though at the same time, i really need money asap, so i may have to go the safe route temporarily.

all of this is alternately exciting and overwhelming/depressing/debilitating to think about. being unemployed is a roller coaster and it's really starting to wear me down!


Anonymous said...

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-K said...

Good luck with your search. I'm a graphic designer in NYC, fortunately employed for now, though I'm not sure how much longer. It's a scary time but hang in there, your work is lovely and I'm sure if you keep putting yourself out there, the right job will make its way to you, or you to it. If you have to take a less-than-ideal job or two before you find what you really want, just learn what you can there and when you've learned everything that job can teach you, it's time to move on. I've been a designer for a few years and I had a couple of false starts but those experiences led me to my current job, which was a perfect fit for me. Now everything is changing but am hopeful that, as often happens, change will lead me to discover other opportunities and grow in different ways. Best wishes to you.

kusink said...

I agree with -K. Att ta ett designjobb som inte är exakt vad du vill kan ändå ge erfarenheter.

Men jag tycker också att det där med att erbjuda pro bono åt Terra firma låter som en bra idé.

Stå på dig! Du är superbra!


shash said...

thanks for the thoughtful comment K
o tack karin for ditt stod!

jenifer74 said...

let's organize more things together -- mending mondays, sewing saturdays, fun fridays (?) & then we can turtle tuesdays on our own :)

i think you should jump into doing some pro bono for terra firma & see where that takes you...

shash said...

haha. :-) yes, i think i will do that. just need to do a bit of research before i propose to terra firma.

Rynke said...

I know what you mean! I'm unemployed myself too right now.
It's not that I'm depressed on my couch the whole day, but it would be nice to find a nice job!

A temp. job, a non-design one, is also okay with me, but not full time indeed...

Keep looking, it'll work out! :)

Sergiodeathstar said...


There are usually jobs with less glamorous companies, or you could do a little freelancing while you wait? I aways say recruitment is a numbers game too, more applications, more chances, its like taking free lotto tickets!
WWOOF-ing is a great way to take time out though. I recently wwoofed through Italy and came out the other side knowing what I want to do. And it doesn't cost much!

Alicia P. said...

You have such a gentle, honest, generous writing voice. It's like a clear pool. I hope you do find a way to combine your passions. Best of luck.