Saturday, March 07, 2009

alemany colors

it's about time to start an alemany farmers' market set.

the precita eyes murals (and the diversity of farmers) make this market one of the most beautiful places in the bay area in my opinion.

i love how certain sellers seem to choose their stalls based on the mural.

i actually don't need to go to the market so much since i subscribe to a fantastic csa. but i go to spend time with friends and to experience the market and its saturated colors. i also like having something i do regularly on saturday mornings. (foods i do buy at the market include olive oil, honey, nuts, dried fruit and the occasional non-csa treat {asparagus today}).


Hayley said...

That red chard looks delicious. I love going to the market and cancelled my delivery serivice since I enjoy the shopping too much.

epe said...

beautiful colors!