Tuesday, February 28, 2006

80's dance movies and call off the coffee table search

finally. i've been looking for a coffee table for over 3 years. it's hard to find cool, not outrageously expensive ones that are compatible with my couch. of course it doesn't help that i'm also sick of my couch and want a new rug. it's a chain reaction i haven't wanted to start cuz it's expensive.

but we really need a coffee table. and my housemate erica and i both liked this one right off. erica loves plastic and would like a plastic table, which i'd be ok with. i like this kind of table that mav posted. i'm a sucker for worn wood. but both e. and i enjoy the danish style furniture and this table is pretty darn nice. it is warm (in brown red) and light (in weight) and in our price range.

these wrinkly placemats are from my parents' house and are most likely swedish. coasters are from designtorget in stockholm. designtorget is the best. they sell wares from a lot of up and coming swedish designers.

now begins the search for the dark grey rug. (i would consider off white too if the living room rug weren't one of pinky leon's favorite spots on which to vomit.)

oh and pinky put his seal of approval on the table too. he sniffed its entire perimeter carefully, sat on top and rubbed his cheeks on the corners. that's pretty much his standard seal. that and if you're a person, maybe rubbing up against you, doing little leaps to try to get in petting range and then slapping you or biting you (gently).

erica and i got right down to watching flashdance and eating dinner at the coffee table last night. we've had an 80's dance movie marathon lately. first dirty dancing (which i'd seen at least 3 times before but hadn't realized how sexy it is!), and then footloose and flashdance, NEITHER OF WHICH I HAD EVER SEEN. shocking i know. i loved footloose and recommend it to anyone who for some reason missed it like i did. what a funny movie. flashdance was not that great. i recommend it for the weird 80's dancing and for jennifer beals and for its ridiculous factor i guess.


mary said...

it looks like the coffee table was worth the wait. i love the color.

i have never seen footloose. people can't believe it when i tell them that. i know i will someday...

mav said...

oh we have such similar taste. this looks so much like my coffee table. i really like it! glad you found it ... i love the long & big coffee table... you never feel crowded. happy weekend to you, mav