Sunday, February 26, 2006

sunday rainy sunday

when unproductive on a rainy day...make lists...
things to do soon????

*take a screen printing class and print own tshirts, undies, and FABRICS!
*make a card portfolio and take cards to local stores (for real in March!)
*post cards (and other goods) on etsy

*work at a small card publisher or book designer
*pursue a degree in design (at cca?), in literature or in education with a focus on social justice (at sfsu or somewhere else entirely)
*live in sweden for a while
*move to portland or a smaller place and buy a house
*tutor kids
*hang out with old people
*open a store with other artist/crafters
*open a small store with half books and half handmade cards and maybe sell coffee, tea and one kind of cookie each day. have 2-3 small tables and comfy chairs about.



twobears said...

All excellent ideas...especially the cafe one!

Shari said...

love all the items on your list. Yes! Please do put your cards on etsy. I think they're fab. xo S

mati rose said...

great list! i love the store idea, again! i noticed i commented the first time too:)

patricia said...

i love your list -- i'm always running shop ideas in my head too, combining products with coffee & tea & keeping it small -- i love the idea about one kind of cookie each day (ah, bliss, to not have a million distracting choices like what flavor cheerios or toothpaste you want -- yayyay!)...we have our wee garage to consider doing this with...hmmm, ya got me well...the trick is to pick one thing from the list and do it this week...

lisa said...

amazing photo. i love that the grain size of things on your list are all different.