Monday, February 13, 2006

reclaiming HOMO and indoor colors from the weekend

lucy from peanuts undies. love them.

more photos from the new shelf. i'll stop soon.

maria's gorgeous tree.

these are HOMO cupcakes for a friend's bday.

my friends and i decided it's time to reclaim the word homo. i think we actually decided this after we started using the word and realizing how good it sounds. it's a goofy and round word (with those two o's). it's just fun to call your friend a big homo. it's gotten to the point where it's so regular for us to use the word that it doesn't even cause us to bat an eye. i imagine though people hearing us might think it a bit strange. but homos can call other homos homo. see how fun it is?
it all started one night when discussing words we like with a 14 year old catholic boy who is a friend's son. he liked the word pamphlet. my friend christina liked homo. and thus the homo pamphlet with all its rules was born. it's a long story, but homo pamphlet does have a nice ring to it, no?

happy valentine's day to all the homo lovers out there (that is homos and even straight people who love their homo friends and people who think they're honorary homos {like my housemate})


Elise said...

Glad Alla Hjärtans Dag till dig också!

jess said...

happy valentine day to you to! (homo pamphlet sounds good!)

Anya said...

Is there a mailing list to receive the Homo Pamphlets? ; )
hee hee hee... Ah, freedom is a beautiful thing. Until some a-hole turns it into a justification for murder and destruction.
*sigh* Homo. It IS fun. I wish I had homo friends in Ohio. Well, I have 2, but I never see them. I miss NYC.

kusin karin said...

Hi shash!
Vilka fina bilder och WONDERFUL cup cakes! Nästan i klass med min "KÖNG! TACK!"-tårta... ;-)

Grattis på Alla Hjärtans Dag till dig också!
ps. Om Erica får vara honorary homo så vill jag också det! Snälla...


mati rose said...

happy homo valentine's shash!

twobears said...

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day, too. Cheers, Fran.

two rabbits said...

love the shelf with so many pretty things to look at and the cupcakes are fabulous!