Wednesday, February 15, 2006

under the sea

found on lbv5000's flickr photos. i love the design of this Junzo Terada picture. lbv has a lot of cool photos on her flickr pages.

this one also reminded me of maria's new card! i think i am going to have to collect the whole year's worth of her cards. they're all such beauties.

feeling quite grumpy today despite not having pms and despite having gone to see a terrific show last night and having such a good time! saw/heard etienne de rocher, a local fella. what a fun and funny show. went with two friends and what a lovely valentine evening it was. go figure. sometimes there's no accounting for grumpiness.


mati rose said...

you mentioned pms on your blog... hee! sorry your grumps, or just revel in it:)

maria said...

that lbv5000 set is so fun! i want to start a set like that ... what a great idea. all of your inspirations on one place.

thanks for loving my cards.
it will be way too much for you to buy all of the singles & card sets each month! ;)
i'm going to have a single out on the 1st of every month and a set out on the 15th of every month. fun fun ........ so many cards!

i know what you mean about grumpy ... feeling a bit that way myself today and i think it IS pms. eck.

take care of yourself, mav

m.blade said...

i just came across your blog....i looove all your links. the junzo terada one especially. the one with the three people doing push-ups and the one with all the animals were my favorite.

anyways, thanks for sharing!