Friday, February 10, 2006

friday links, corners and a funny night

so for those of you not in SF, it's been crazy beautiful here lately. sunny and clear and warm like summer. last night erica and i decided to walk around in the mission in the summer in winter heat. i wanted to show her this cool salon where the haircutter has her beautiful art up. erica suggested a drink first. so we went to la rondalla where they have sweet margaritas that make you not realize how tipsy you're getting (that place has led to a wild night once before, so i should have known...).

anyhow, after the margarita and a half there, we decided we needed dancing of course. we peaked into the beauty bar, which is a place you can get your nails done while drinking fancy cocktails. neither of us had been there and there was no dancing going on, but the bartender yelled at us to come in, so we did. he was really into making drinks and shaking his shaker thing (what are those called?). the other customers all looked like they were members of the ramones. seriously all of them. the regular manicurist (who is apparently renown for painting unicorns or virgin marys on nails) was out, so her housemate was filling in. somehow i ended up getting diagonally striped pink blue and green nails (and then smudging them right away after). soon three of the ramones were boogying and we joined them. (well not so much joined as danced near. the ramones seemed to want to dance by themselves.) it was quite a fun night. hadn't been dancing since our prince vs. dolly halloween party. dancing should be a required activity. it's so good for you.

friday links:

found throught the flickr corners pool:

hoping for happy accidents - lovely design blog by artist k. cooper. she has great taste. and her bedroom corner is one of my corner favorites.
moopy and me
liquid paper
abigail a. percy

my corners today are from my new bookshelf (or the rearranging of my sewing room that happened as a result of the addition of the shelf).

that's walter from hopskipjump sitting next to hank. i was lucky to get walter for xmas!


Frances said...

Okay, so I'm sitting here, all alone all day long, patiently (not) waiting for five, so I decide to spy on your blog, and I find out you've been having fun today! You better not remove that nail polish until I've seen it...missy... :) I've been to the beauty bar, but not in some years. In fact, I think that, back when I went there, I might have been a ramone... Happy Friday!

shobhana said...

do you have any kitties available for sale? i need a birthday gift for a cat lover friend. please email me at mylifeinstitches at gmail dot com.

k. cooper said...

hey there!
thanks for saying such nice things about me. :)
your blog is great fun to read.

katie said...

You're night of drinking and dancing sounds so much fun!!!

I love the new bookcase and the corners of your home! And k's bedroom is one of my favorites as well!!

eireann said...

that chair is lovely!

(hello! found you via weewonderfuls.)