Friday, February 10, 2006

many pretty things

from karen jean young's organic card collection

kaj beckman, swedish illustrator and writer

swedish money
i love that swedish money is colorful and that they have cultural figures (including women) on their money - writers, musicians, etc. i love the design on this musical instrument one 50 kronor. the musician is jenny lind.

and richard diebenkorn

anna von merterns has new quilts on her site. look at this one.

and my new petal ring from brooke medlin - it's so smooth and lovely!


Tuula said...

Vilken vacker ring!

karin said...

i agree with Tuula, the ring is beautiful!

Elise said...

I love Swedish money too. I'm a bit embarassed to admit that the biggest reason I voted no to the euro was that I think our money is so much prettier than euros.... :-) I probably shouldn't be aloud to vote.

I like Selma and Jenny Lind the most! And Gustav Vasa, though I don't get to see him very often.

lisa said...

thank you for the links. i love the jewelry and might have to make a purchase!! and i am in awe of the quilt link. i hope you are enjoying your books. i made some tissue holders from your fabrics yesterday after you left. i loved them so much. you can see them on my blog! xo, lisa

risa said...

i love the ring too!
and homos!
and scandinavian money!
danish coins are really pretty. have you seen them?