Monday, February 06, 2006


cup corner

a corner i posted before the flickr pool existed...

other people's corners flickr pool

here are some of my favorite corners. and here are some more. more. more. more. there are

just too many. too many i say. i do!!!

wednesday i pick up my new bookshelf. will post a book corner then. you will want to eat the color of the bookshelf. i do anyway.


katie said...

Oh I love your cup corner! And your favorites include are also a lot of my favorites. Such a fun flickr group!

Siri said...

Great picks!

lisa said...

love your cups. very swedish. and i have two boxes of books waiting for your hands to go through them. i am around all weekend...let me know if you want to come over!

mav said...

hi there! loving your inspiring entries as of late. thank you for gathering all of these corners together. i keep forgetting to participate but i want to!!!! this will help me remember. be well friend! mav