Friday, February 03, 2006

friday links and a bookshelf

my links page has been updated. let me know if anything seems off there. some newly added are:

(found through poppy) yee-haw industries - make sure to check out the cool type in their posters and cards
(found through camilla) viaLetter - more font related
pretty raccoon clothing

k-fresh designs
muse to muse

i think there are a lot of good links, not to mention lovely pictures, found through the flickr corners pool. hopefully i'll get into some of my corners soon and post pics of them. maybe after i get a new bookshelf.....

i saw this used bookshelf today that is the perfect color (light cantelope-ish green) and dimension (a large square). it's a little too expensive, but it's hard to find nice, wood bookshelves that have any character for cheap these days. the only problem is that the shelves sag a tiny bit in the middle. i'm thinking if i put the books on the sides and decorations in the middles though, it might be ok. i can't stop thinking about the thing, so i think i better go back and buy it tomorrow...then i can rearrange my space to have more room for fabric storage. do you get furniture stuck in your head too?

i can't wait to get my port2port february postcard!


autum said...

Yes I get furniture stuck in my head. Problem is with my budget my head is where it has to stay! I love furniture, all kinds. Chairs and tables and couches, you name it. I went shopping with a friend of mine who was looking for a desk a couple of weeks ago. She couldn't find a desk but I found a couch that I wanted soooo bad. I wasn't even looking for a couch. It called out to me and was stuck in my mind for days. I finally had to let it go though. Boo Hoo Hoo...
Go on and get the book shelf! You'll regret it if you don't.

Kevin said...

A white china cabinet that fits in a corner calls out to me from furniture shangri-la. I can relate.

katie said...

Oh my! Thank you for adding me to your links page!!! I'm so honored!!!

I can relate to your furniture obsession. Sometimes that is all I can think about if I find something really lovely!