Friday, February 22, 2008

friday flickrs

i wish i had more control over the focusing of my digital camera. foo.

this is lexington street in the mission. i love these smallish railroad-style houses.

i ended up buying the butterfly dress from the window (photo a few posts ago). it's not perfect, but it was pretty cheap and it is so soft! as i mentioned on flickr, i'm going to ask you sewers for alteration advice. the sleeves on it are crazy. but i'll draw it out another day. too tired now—it's been a full week.

friday flickr faves:
window::feed store
a lot
by childhoodflames
for larry

happy weekend!


Esti said...

You have a nice blog, full of cool stuff (the textile patterns are stunning) and inspiring pictures. I enjoy photographs of houses a lot. These are very cute. Look like a movie set somehow.

j said...

this is a great shot. those are nice houses- love the big windows, and the different ways they've screened off the alleyways between the houses.

wonderful composition. beautiful sky