Tuesday, February 12, 2008

textile pattern week: day 2

ok, i really was planning on doing found textile patterns this week. but i was in a store sunday that carries stig lindberg bags and pillows, so thought i should use the photos for the swedish links day. it's slightly more found than the back of the closet shirt from yesterday.

swedish textile designer links for you:

jobs (i don't think this site is actually up, but you can see a glimpse of it) this is another design company whose fabrics i grew up with. my mom has a closet stuffed with tablecloths including many little jobs tablecloths and doily-sized pieces. they are usually printed on linen i believe.

tiogruppen (group of 10 collaborative textile designers)

(by birgitta hahn of tiogruppen, image from their site)

ljungbergs textil
sven markelius
stig lindberg (another one who was popular when i was little and now again.)
lotta jansdotter
elisabeth dunker (of fine little day) click through for more.

thanks all for participating! i'll compile a list of you participants at the end of the week.

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Erika said...

Great links! Have you seen Ulrikas printed fabrics over at http://www.qualle.se/? I really would love a mossa-cover..