Saturday, February 02, 2008


witchdoctor cheeseburger
so i pretty much always want to play board games (except for trivial pursuit), and it takes a lot of effort for me to refrain from forcing board game playing upon my friends. (i think board game playing is the one area in my life where i allow myself to be ridiculously competitive, loud, foolish and silly.) pictionary is one of my favorites.

so last night two friends came over and joined me and my housemate heather for dinner. the conversation at the table was so enjoyable, that i decided i would for once not try to force a board game on my friends. but, i soon learned that heather is also a bit of a pictionary freak, and SHE suggested playing a game, completely without my prompting. heather and i teamed against j & c, who i must say,
were more tipsy than heather and i were. i'll give them that. they do have the advantage though of having been together for eight+ years (which may cancel out the tipsy factor). heather and i slaughtered. it was very satisfying. despite my being able to draw things pretty realistically/accurately in normal life, in pictionary, i draw like CRAP, because pictionary is not about drawing well. heather however, not only is good at conveying the word, she also scribbles with style (example above). i dig how wide that burger is. and look at that doctor's headgear. so simple and so round.

heather mentioned this morning how we need to lure more people over for pictionary playing. now that's what i like to hear. that's the spirit!


kusink said...

Oh, sweet walk down memory lane! Jag kommer verkligen ihåg när vi spelade pictionary hos er när jag hälsade på! Du var så himla "på" precis hela tiden. Och vad vi skrattade! Härligt!

kram på dig

ps. Idag var jag på vernissage för mammas utställning - fin!

shanwen said...

hahah, i love pictionary too:) i often laugh at what people draw to convey a word or an item, because they always try so hard yet still looks unrecognisable !

about the previous post, those dome shaped umbrellas sound really useful, you should get the transparent one .

dandelion said...

i love playing board games - i don't think there is enough of it about and i firmly believe the world would be a better place if we all played a little pictionary here and there!!...x


i love boargames too, and in helsinki was lucky enough to live near my friends p&m who were always ready to play. sadly i haven't had many chances to play this winter - but i was glad to find out my new friends in tampere like playing too.

The Downtown Boutique said...

Oh yeah! Pictionary rocks! We played it at our church New Year's Eve party, and I split everyone up onto two teams...where spouses were ALL split up...not on the same team. Boy! That was some serious competition! But it was LOADS of fun too...especially since MY team won!

jenifer74 said...

i would *so* come over for a board game pictionary evening. i usually am not so good, but LOVE when i win. i spent many a summer playing board games with my brothers.

Michele said...

I too can be a board game geek, so I understand. I am partial to Pictionary, Balderdash, Scattergories, and Boggle (although it doesn't really have a board.) I love the idea that you are "ridiculously competitive, loud, foolish and silly" whilst playing Pictionary!