Friday, February 15, 2008

textile pattern week: last day

just some telephone doodling. more here. and old post-it work doodling here.

i kind of want that butterfly wing dress above.

thanks for participating in textile pattern week!
folks who i know participated are below.
if i missed you, please leave your link in the comments!

grey dandelion feather
kerry mosley
abigail percy see more of her patterns here
ah-yi see more of her work here
hazeljoy who did her thesis on textile design! check out her portfolio set on flickr too.
lisa solomon

and here is someone whose work would look good on fabric: nebo peklo


lisa s said...

oh shash - i love your doodle

[i posted a pattern :)]

bugheart said...

damn lisa
always beats me
to what i was
going to say.
i love your
doodles too.
thank you
for sharing
textiles with us!
have a lovely

Anonymous said...

beautiful dress, you should definitely get it. or you should get it for me! thanks for the ace theme for the week - if you hold anything like this again let me know! it's been fun. xx
and thanks for the links! x

Kerry Mosley said...

...just wanted to say thanks very much for the textile pattern project which was a great idea and good fun to join in...and explore all the links....many thanks

f. pea said...

thanks for hosting textile week - i'm sorry i tuned in late! i am crazy for textiles... but i'm enjoying sifting back through everyones' posts. xo

Charlotte said...

oh yummy yum.
those green circles are delicious.