Wednesday, February 13, 2008

textile pattern week: day 3

seems to be a lot of pink/red in pattern week for me. also seems i'm not succeeding so much in the
found patterns. just haven't had time while it's light out to hunt for patterns. there aren't many good ones at my work, that's for sure. the bottom photo was taken at school. every day i walk over it, i think that this concrete with peeling paint would make a nice fabric. the top photo is of one of the three pieces of new clothing that i bought last year. i was trying to do a year of not buying any new clothes and i almost made it. just three is pretty good i think; i couldn't resist the pattern.

textile designer links today are a random collection:
mina perhonen (lots of goodness to click through) found through lena corwin's photo.
sari myohanen
sanne van winden
tsumori chisato
found through ah-yi
and a good swedish one i missed yesterday, ulrika krynitz (thank you erika for the link.)


lotta said...

Hej Kerstin, it was a while since I was in touch with you. Hope all is well. Your blog is great - I especially like the textile pattern theme. I started a blog as well this year, but are mostly stumbling along at this point. I am sure it takes a while to get into the groove. I would love to hear more about what you are up to, what swedish things are happening (if any) on the west coast, and how your creative work is coming along. I wanted to write this in swedish, but thought it a bit rude in a public comment like this.

Ha det så bra!

Lotta Helleberg

reinaswan said...

Your Textile design is great. Love the different patterns.

dandelion said...

oh that would make a really lovely fabric...x