Friday, February 29, 2008

spring flowering

even through the fog, it looks like spring to me.

i had no time this week for blogging. but here are some springy flickr favorites for friday:

from the noticing project:

amy nieto's beautiful flower

ok, this one is more winter than spring, but look how white the cat is.

do you ever get fixated on certain landmarks in your neighborhood? i've had a thing, for years now, for this bush that stands in front of a house that's a block away from mine. it's the weirdest fascination. i find myself absentmindedly, or mindedly, staring at it whenever i walk past it. i've taken so many photos of it, that the house dwellers probably think i'm stalking them. the yard is raised quite a bit above the sidewalk, so the bush is at good worshiping level. it's just such a pleasing shape, and it looks good against the house. the bush is constantly changing. well, all of nature is constantly changing of course, but this bush seems to change more dramatically. and it produces two seemingly totally different flowers!! very light pink, small roses AND dark pink flowers. right now it's in the dark pink flower phase. (i have never been able to capture its splendor in a photo.)

what things in your neighborhood do you find yourself drawn to?

i'm sure most of you have seen this beautiful project underway. these women are a constant source of inspiration!


lottie said...

I really like how this bush is such a constant.
I wonder if the owners notice it as much as you do?

diana fayt said...

your pretty bush is a flowering quince :)

Anonymous said...

There was a tree in my old neighborhood, it was big and arching and full of the most amazing flowers in the spring. I worshipped that tree. I haven't found a landmark in my new neighborhood yet, though. I'm waiting for it to grab me.

dandelion said...

it does look like spring!...x

jenifer74 said...

ya know what i love - are those "bottlebrush" trees -- with the dark pink flowering, well, bottle brush?! those are awesome.

let's do dinner soon if your schedule permits (or an art museum run?)


the ghostis said...

Bushes can be oddly fascinating. There is one on my dad's road that is as tall as the house and cut into a square shape.

My favorite is currently this orthodox church with a teal dome topped by a gold cross that I see from my doorway. It is juxtaposed in a lovely way with a similarly teal stairway of a neighboring apartment.

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