Friday, April 22, 2005

Bird's Eye

so i finally went to Scout, the store in oakland that i've been meaning to visit and share pictures of with you. to my surprise, the space scout occupied is now occupied by Scout and Bird's Eye. Bird's Eye is in much the style that Scout was, and Scout is now more of a bath and flowers store i think. i ended up taking pics of Bird's Eye, now owned by Ari. even though the space is rearranged and different now, i still love the colors! check it out. the first pic is of both stores.

after going to the store with Laurel and her little one, she modelled my newly completed scarves for the mecozy shop. they'll be up on the site by monday i think, but here's a preview. (when i've taken pics of myself in the scarves, i've had to take like ten to get one ok picture. but with laurel, i just take one pic and it's perfect! she's like that. thanks Laur!) i love those hanging yellow flowers too.

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Miss Fae said...

I want to go to that store when i return to san francisco. It's true! :Swoons over everyting: