Monday, April 25, 2005


went to see juliette {lewis} and the licks last night. what a fun show! i can't really say how good they are, since i was a bit too tipsy and since i was starstruck by/crushed out on juliette lewis (she is so hot and fun and energetic!). but i do think they were actually good too, despite my bias.

in other news, the mecozy shop has been updated with some new scarves and cozies.

and i dragged out this mini quilt i started a while back and never finished. i'm not sure how i feel about it, but am thinking i'll quilt it finally. maybe that will help it somehow. any suggestions for quilting patterns? it kind of seems like it should be quilted in a V shape with parallel lines fanning out??

i got my first postcard from the postcard swap, from Hanna in Sweden! it's great! i'm going to wait until i have one or two more postcards to post them.


jackie said...

hey! glad you found my blog and that the css/html stuff on there was helpful to you. i just basically customize the beejeezus out of the blogger templates. :) i am REALLY enjoying perusing your site and looking at your artwork. sad for the loss of your grandparent's awesome house... I will be back to visit again i am sure!

tania said...

oh i love that wee quilt! so pretty.

kath red said...

love the randomness of this, and the white really frames the gorgeous fabrics beautifully

Unschooling Mama said...

Thanks to you sending me a postcard I was able to find your blog! YAY! I really love the above quilt. It looks so pure with all of the white pieces. It would look so amazing on a cranberry or sage colored wall. And its inspiring me to look through my own fabric stash and see what I can make for my own wall!