Tuesday, April 12, 2005

store fantasy

Although I love being in my room, sewing, drawing, knitting, I think it would get lonely if I did this full-time. Even though I’m an only child and like to be alone quite a bit. Right now I create at least one day a week and work an office job four days a week. I am trying to figure out how to balance that out more, like work somewhere 3 days a week for 5 hours a day, and then do what I want the rest of the time. Unfortunately, Pinky Leon the cat is not out there pounding the pavement, so I don’t think HE’ll be supporting me in this balancing act.

Sometimes I dream of opening a little shop, maybe with other artist/crafters and all working there various days of the week. We would sell our wares and the wares of other local crafty folks. I am partial to (recycled!) paper goods and little mysterious treasures, artwork, knits and some houseware kinds of things. There would also be a bookshelf stocked with the favorite books of those who work there (I know I have a list of books that I think should be required reading.). And it would have to be cozy of course, with at least one green wall. Maybe a little mural in a corner near the ceiling, something whimsical. Maybe a plate of "cookies of the day" every so often. Like Thursday cookie day. I get the sense that it would be hard to survive as a retail store, but one can dream...

Venus magazine has a “Store of the Ish” that is usually inspiring. In the current issue, the store is Ferdinand owned by Diane Toepfer. “Toepfer likes to think of Ferdinand as not only a shop, but also a meeting place for crafty people. She helps out with an indie crafts bulletin board…sponsors openings for local artists…is active in Spindleworks, a Portland org. that connects the disabled with arts.” I like the idea of incorporating the community into the store and vice versa.

Another store that was featured in Venus is SF’s own Needles and Pens.

This weekend I plan to visit one of my favorite stores in Oakland to take pictures of it for you (if they’ll let me). I go in there and I feel like I’m transported to another time and place. It’s like entering a piece of art or a story. This store definitely has like its own spirit or soul or aura or something groovy like that.


Uncle Floyd McD said...

sign me up! all i want to do is blog & create with creative people all day!!!

mati rose said...

me too:)

amanda said...

...and me! Your idea for a little shop sounds perfect! I too have dreams of a studio/store space shared by a bunch of creative people. The thought of it alone inspires me!