Saturday, April 09, 2005

SF sunny day walk

so, frequently i have these urges to move somewhere far away. to a small town or to the mountains. to Oregon or to Sweden. someplace where i can, at some point, afford to buy a house! someplace greener or friendlier or something-er. dissatisfaction. today i was thinking about moving, and decided i should snap out of it and take a walk in the sun of SF. take my camera and notice the good things. here are lots of pictures of some lovely SF Mission and Noe Valley houses and some funky stuff (a window full of shoes and a dino-lizard car-protector. the shoe window unfortunately was very reflective, so it's hard to see all the fancy shoes.)

yellow trim

pink detail

hot pink door

bursty flowers



shoe window

dino-lizard car-protector


mati rose said...

i love your website & tea cozies & you live in SF, too! how exciting:) thank you for liking my doodles. i was lookin' around your site and noticed that you have my boyfriend's art in the form of the lucinda william's poster in your studio:) he will be so flattered! beautiful weather today, no? a good day for a walk indeed.

shash said...

hi mati,
thanks for your comment! wow, your bf made that poster?! i love it! i love how i had to look at it for a long time to find all the animals in it. how it fits together like a puzzle! neat-o!!! how crazy is that that you found it on my site. and i found your site thru camilla e. in sweden, and i'm swedish (sw.amer.). i tell you, the interconnections! anyway, i will continue to watch your blog to see your art! shash

iHanna said...

Hi, lovely pictures of lovely houses! So nice!

Just found your blog and have been browsing through and looking at all your crafines. Great stuff, I will come back!


tania said...

it's funny how a place you may feel grumpy over, is a place far away to me! it looks beautiful. always wanted to check out SF.

Kim Carney said...

I miss SF, I lived there 13 years ago. And I feel that there is no place like it. The air sparkles.