Thursday, April 07, 2005

linkage and Swedish Craigslist!

Just added a bunch of new links to my links including the below (many of which you may already be familiar with, and many found on Camilla's blog)

Photographers: Loretta Lux, Kathleen Connally
Blogs: Something to Say

Illustrators: Banjo
Clothing: Bird in a Skirt
Swedish blogs and blogs by Americans in Sweden or Swedes in America: Tuula, Bara Jenny, Astons Sida,
Stephanie, Stavfel, Give Us This Day Our Knackebrod, and Francis Strand.

Francis Strand captures the idiosyncracies of Swedes, Swedish stuff and Sweden, and does so with hilarity. He writes about things that I’ve sensed or experienced in regard to Swedes/Sweden, but have never been able to articulate this well. He’s like the David Sedaris of Sweden (you know when David was (is?) living in France with his Frenchman. Sorry Francis if this comparison has been made before.) I’ve only read about three months of his blog, and I CAN'T WAIT until I have time to read it from the beginning.

To all the Swedes and Swedish Americans out there: Please ask Craigslist to start a Stockholm Craigslist! I want a Stockholm CL so that I can find sublets and interesting events when I visit Sweden.

You should want a Swedish CL because Craigslist is a GREAT, free resource for finding all sorts of things. In San Francisco (where CL started) almost everyone has used CL at one time or another. It’s great for finding housing (roommates, rentals, temporary rentals, real estate), jobs, for finding activity partners and selling and buying things (furniture, tickets to concerts, etc.) Kolla Craigslist.

CL existerar nu i stader over hela USA och i andra lander (du kan se alla stallen CL finns pa hoger sedan av karmen nar du oppnar deras websida.) Tydligen for att starta CL pa ett nytt stalle, tillrackligt med folk maste begara det av CL. CL ar jatte latt att anvanda ochsa! Prova. Snalla!

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