Wednesday, August 16, 2006

bloggy dinner

so i'm a bad blogger for not taking photos of a delicious evening...but luckily these 3 gals had it covered.

i went into a bit of a shell last night (true to my cancer crab sign), squinched in the corner of lisa c.'s lovely couch. i was slightly intimidated hanging out with these three wonderful artists and super foxy ladies, even though they're all so friendly and down to earth. silly. (maybe it's cocktails next time instead of wine...) so nice to meet lisa s. for the first time. she's so sparkly with her smile and ease. and nice to hang out again with funny and elegant mati and our open and generous hostess, lisa c. what a rad apartment!

thanks for a lovely evening lisa c., lisa s. and mati!


lisa s said...

i had such a great time meeting you... i can't wait to see you again - and hopefully have some alone time w/ you... i could tell lots was going on under that quiet :)

bugheart said...

i am a cancer
as well
so i know
what you mean...
but now you
are more
and they
will just
want to know
you better!
cute tights-
i am sure
you are
one of
the foxy ladies.

kylie said...

i agreee with the above statements- i like a bit of mystery. the world is a more even place when you can sit back and quitely enjoy the company of others.

kusink said...

Du är hur cool som helst, kusinen! Kör hårt! Du verkar ju ha tagit dem med storm allihop... :-)

mati rose said...

you are so cute & i relate. it's a lot to take in when you're used to these ladies (you included) as 2-D words and images and all of a sudden ta-da... surround sound!

Alicia P. said...

It sounded like such a nice time!

Camilla Engman said...

I wish SO much I could have been there!