Friday, August 04, 2006

flickr friday and links

this photo and this photo and this photo make me miss sweden (even though the first one is norway...)!

so do karin's pics of kayaking in stockholm's archipelago (scroll down)
so does seeing a new to me swedish blog (in english)
so does seeing morran and camilla again!
so does reading my cousin's blog and seeing these pics from her

those second and third flickr pics make me think of going to lakes or rivers in sweden. sometimes there's a little parking area on some grass, with a few saabs and volvos parked around. or i also remember riding bikes to swimming spots. and walking on a grassy, sandy path through trees to the gently lapping water. getting some glass (ice cream) from a kiosk or ice cream stand (i prefer 88:an. vilken ar din favorit?)

the top pic is from ljusnan, the river we swam in as kids at my mormor and morfar's house. (taken years after they sold the house and my friend amelie and i visited it.) i should "borrow" some of the old pics from my parents next time i'm home. i'm the only one in the family who looks at those pictures anyway it seems.

ug. they are painting the outstide of the house i live in. lots of loud scraping woke me up this morning, and will probably continue throughout the day.


Lina said...

Min favorit är piggelin :)

Just nu vill man inte bada i Sverige. Man kan läsa om kolerabakterier överallt i tidningarna.

kusink said...

Jag förstår precis hur du längtar! När man ser de olika bilderna du länkat till blir det tydligt hur annorlunda Sverige ser ut, jämfört med hos er.

Förresten, min favorit är Cornetto Classico. Förr var det Igloo och Puckstång, men de finns inte längre :-( att köpa i kioskerna. Har du varit in på GBs hemsida? De har en underbar nostalgilänk där!


sandra said...

Vad kul att du hittat till min blog, nu hittade jag till din :)

Min favorit är Lollipop (DiplomIs), men måste jag välja en från GB så blir det nog Sandwich eller Magnum Double.