Friday, August 04, 2006

through a window

so today i was forced to spend the day outside. as i mentioned in my last post, i was awakened by workers scraping paint off of our house (sounded like 3 people wearing clogs walking up and down a wooden staircase). i had planned to do some creative stuff at home on my day off, but instead had to go out, which turned out to be so good. first i was grumpy and seeing only ugly things. but as the day progressed, and i let it take me where it wanted, i became rejuvenated! there were so many lovely faces and windows and moments. and the weather was perfect.

first i walked to the photo store to pick up some photos for a trade with mav.

then i took the bus over to bernal heights. went to the bakery behind the restaurant, the liberty cafe bakery, where this cute baker kept having to tell the pigeons to go outside. they really wanted to be in there with her (and probably with the bread too).

then i walked around bernal. saw a woman getting married. i like her simple dress. though i think maybe i'd have (if i were a traditional wedding sort, and were allowed to marry, and wore sleeveless things) a different colored sash/belt. maybe. went into one of my favorite stores, heartfelt, where they have great window displays. the current display is all about a rainbow of socks.

then off to church st. in noe valley, where i discovered another great store, the pickled hutch. all sorts of furniture and goodies. there are different rooms, and some feel like an old timey european house. it smelled good in there too, not like musty, old furniture. there was also a garden area. sf folks, check it out!

walking back home, i saw in windows:

these pretty soaps
this dog
this cat pretending to be part of a display, sitting perfectly centered and still
these figurines in a pet store
this sassy green outfit
this golden hand (very cool display which you can't see for the reflections) and
this salvador dali


Shari said...

hi shash!

your little outing looks like so much fun! i love seeing all of the pictures from your walks around town. i had fun imagining what the photos might look like and then clicking and seeing the image appear. what a fun post. cheers, shari

mav said...

love this post ... so great to see a day in your life. thanks for the photo trade ... can't wait! :) mav

melanie said...

Your outing has inspired me to try one of my own - maybe even today if my toe holds up (it is injured). I have a postcard of that Dali picture that I have carried around for years to remind me that being different is good.

alyssa said...

I miss the Liberty cafe. It use to be one of my favorite places when my husband and I lived in S.F. and had friends who lived in Bernal Heights. Great post!

kylie said...

oooo, i love those sunglasses.
nice post too :)

simple me said...

Oh! Those soaps...I'm surrounded by them everyday. I work in a shop where we sell them. They are portuguese and made in the north.
Wonderful photos