Monday, August 21, 2006


hi there. just a quick post. here's lisa's thimble figurine. isn't she lovely? maybe not so fitting right next to lolli by allison....will do some rearranging.

may not have time to blog much this week, so have a good week all!
speaking of thimbles...forgot i have another thimble pic.


lisa s said...

*beam* love seeing her in your home... surround by such goodies... xo

Jessica said...

your quilt seems to be coming along nicely...

abby said...

that figurine is awesome!
your quilt lokks so great, shash. i hope you are enjoying your week-abby

bugheart said...

love your
thimble photo!
it's so cool
to see
where all
lisa figure's
find their
new homes!

kelly rae said...

what a sweet little vignette you have going on!

Annika Sandin said...

oh! so you got hold of one of Lisa's creations... lucky you :)