Friday, August 25, 2006

friday flickr

hi all, i'm a bit exhausted from the first week of school + work, so just one flickr fave link today.
celesta danger:
this photo of hers and this photo make me laugh.
and her set with her gf is funny and sweet + nice photos.
shit, from just glancing at her profile, it looks like her gf, tamara, was put on leave from her teaching job in texas for being in celesta's photos. LAME!
more soon!


kusink said...

Dear cousin,
Just checked out the links you put up (I agree, really sweet photos!), and read about the teacher who got put on leave... America is a really weird country in some ways! Or is it just Texas? What's with this constant fear of nudity?? So strange. Why not fear violence instead? It's a mystery to me (being a european...)

pixiegenne said...

those girls are the cutest things ever. thanks for sharing.

katskatryn said...

i think their photo's are great! thanks for sharing!