Monday, August 07, 2006

more flowers and 3 recommendations

finally created in flickr:

a flower set (maybe i'm weird for noticing this, but if you look at the thumbnails on the set page, the flowers make an S. i was going to remove some of the photos, but then i couldn't cuz of the S. maybe later.) flickr changed the format of sets, so you can't see the S anymore!

a flower card set

above are some of my more recently acquired flower cards.
for artists, see the flickr set. i'm sure you already recognize some of these!

*btw. i finished the known world and i HIGHLY RECOMMEND it. best book i've read in a while.

*also saw the movie little miss sunshine and loved it.

*and take a look at this photo, this photo, this photo and this photo by samantha west.


alyssa said...

How very cool! I see the "S," and a lovely s it is.

kusink said...

ÅH, vilka vackra blommor! I wish I had flowers like that at home. And I do see the S - cool! :-)


kylie said...

those little orange flowers in the blue vase...what are they called again? remind me of my grandmother. and i love those side by side pics from samantha west on flickr too.

Jessica said...

I love the flower card sets, very graphic and colorful. Sometimes a card just needs to be that pleasing, no inspirational words, just something beautiful.

two trees said...

such great links! thanks for these!

simple me said...

Wonderful flowers.
I can almost smell the scent and its so refreshing.

mati rose said...

love the S!

Soie Belle said...

beautiful flower set!

boliyou said...

I can't see the S anymore, but the photos are lovely!