Sunday, August 27, 2006

a fabric thank you + dansko anyone?

i'm purging/organizing. does anyone want to buy these size 38 (US size 8) danskos for $30 plus shipping?

danskos are normally around $100, but i bought these on sale for $50. they are a discontinued (but i think very cute) style. i only wore them once indoors for 15 minutes. then my back started hurting, so i couldn't wear them. most people find danskos to be really comfy and supportive though. here's an online pic of them. mine are matte, not oiled like the online version. leave me a comment if you're interested.

these are some favorites from a big box of fabrics i received from a sweet blog reader, debbie. she randomly found my blog because she was googling kerstin pronouced shashtin. debbie was reading a book in which a character named kerstin claimed her name was pronounced shashtin because it was swedish. debbie couldn't believe that this would be an accurate pronunciation, so she looked it up online and found my blog! the internet is such a wacky place. i think that's the most unusual way anyone has come across my blog. anyhow, thanks debbie!


lisa said...

oh, that fabric! what a great story!

bugheart said...

i received
your wonderful
package of
thank you
thank you
you are
too sweet
to send me
so many!
one of your
would be
[not that
i am
i wear
a size 38
and need
new sandals.
i would
love them!
i can even
pick them up
in SF when
i am down there
if you want to
meet up
for coffee...
or i can pay
let me know.

lisa s said...

best story ever? w/ best fabric?? wow!

stephanie said...

love that story (and the fabric!)

mati rose said...

i do love dansko's, but am a size 10. oh well!

AmberCake said...

Wow - nice fabrics! I want them to be a quilt together just like they are laid out in the two photos. So interesting and subtle and wacky and just plain nice.


Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

with the dansko people with high arches may feel uncomfortable in the heel