Saturday, September 02, 2006


thursday was my last day of my job of 6.5 years. it was both exciting and sad. friday some friends and i celebrated at la rondalla, a local dive mexican restaurant. very decorated. very good strawberry margaritas. very loud. it was a raucous time. there was even some stripping (not by me)!

it seems whenever my housemate erica and i go to la rondalla, we end up at the beauty bar after. (this time only about half of the patrons looked like ramones.) we did a quick dance to some excellent music and took some overexposed photobooth pics. we look very tan and shiny in the pictures. not so flattering. but we also did our best jerri blank impressions, so that made them extra ugly.

above is the much calmer scene in erica's room. (hope she'll forgive my surreptitious phototaking in her room.)

we just finished watching the royal tenenbaums for the fifth or so time. that wes anderson makes the most beautiful movies. they're like paintings. or shadowboxes. so many framed scenes in his movies. people in windows, in buildings, in ships. the sets are amazing. every time i see the royal tenenbaums i like it more. it's so poignant and funny and romantic. well written and perfectly cast. perfect font and perfect music choice and perfect colors.

have a good long weekend.


bugheart said...

i feel
the same
wes anderson
eye candy
to the

hildy said...

la rondalla and the royal tenenbaums- what fun!

erica said...

man, my room's messy again. maybe one day you'll get a shot of it when it's clean. sigh.