Friday, September 15, 2006

flickr 500

above is a bad sketch of how pinky tried to sleep on me last night. (i moved after 15 minutes or so). although it was uncomfortable and rendered me temporarily immobile, and although he was flapping me in the face with his tail every so often, he was actually welcome. i couldn't relax and get warm last night. had 3 layers of blankets and it's not even winter yet! as soon as pinky leon decided to sleep this way though, i had to laugh and think about him, and that relaxed/warmed me. that and he is a little heater.

i'm borrowing TWO of mav's ideas today. (hope you don't mind mav!) she just has such good ideas.

the first, is simply to note one's 500th flickr fave. noted!

the second, is to watch a slideshow of one's faves and tell you something of what was learned/noticed/felt.

it was very hard to choose favorites, since they're all favorites, and honestly there are some that might make me feel more than some of these do, but it's not anything i can articulate. and then there are so many photos that remind me of someone or some place or a specific memory. i'm not going to tell you about all that because it's not so meaningful to anyone else.

i realized the pictures i like are those that i feel like i am in. their tangibilty transports me. i can feel the
wetness, the sun. usually it is because of the photo's atmosphere or mood.

speaking of mav, i love this photo of hers. it is so calm, gathered and ready to begin. the light looks like fresh morning light.
this one always makes me smile. it makes me think of how pets try to understand/be with us people. and it just looks like a fun time.
nyra's polaroid is perfect. it's so tranquil and the water so smooth. and you know in less time than it takes for the polaroid to come out, that water will be broken. the moment of it.

all about atmosphere here and now.
what to say about this one. it is so clearly a grandmother's home.
this room makes me think of stillness in travel (remember that REM song?)
i love it when people seem to know they're being photographed, but they are just so relaxed and themselves at that moment, that it doesn't affect them. makes me feel comfortable too. this one is also like that.
perfect braid photo
the quiet
i'm not sure what it is about lisa solomon's diptych
seems like a fairytale land. the mystery of horses and how they seem to be sharing knowledge.
cat persistence (to come full circle to the beginning of this post...)


kylie said...

hey shash,

thanks for sharing your flickr favs. i always find myself pouring through them and feeling transported to other worlds.

i really like your sketch by the way. hope your course is going well.

lisa s said...

sweet shash... i love the sketch... the blue on the pink stripes... and your favs will keep me clicking for a spell!

i'm so honored to be in your list... makes me feel warm....

vegasandvenice said...

What a lovely idea. You have fabulous taste. These photos are completely incredible!

Thanks so much for sharing. I love seeing the images that make you pause.

Have a wonderful day!!

alyssa said...

I love your sketch and your flicker choices. Such super photos. Thank you, it was so nice to take a mind brain from what I'm doing righ know

alyssa said...

oops. I meant to say "mind break," but I guess brain is on my mind, too.