Thursday, September 14, 2006

looking down

the two photos in the center are by simply photo jen. i received them in the photoswap she organized when my swap partner's photos were lost in the mail. i love them! her photos are just beautiful.

i think the hedge one on the right probably inspired my backyard one of a couple posts ago. i am really liking aerial photos these days. like the one above and like jenny vorwaller's italy photos from above.

and all the feet photos and teacup photos (more on those tomorrow) people take.

and of course, yann arthus-bertrand's earth from above. (i saw this exhibit when it was in stockholm outdoors. the photos are huge. and the text that describes them eye-opening. everyone just walked around looking at the art transfixed.) on the site (which is a bit confusing), it says of the captions that go with the photos:

each written by an expert on sustainable development. the light they shed on individual photographs reveals their essence and worth - that of precisely documented testimony on the state of the Earth, a heritage both beautiful and fragile we must all endeavor to preserve.

here are some figs and chocolate seen from above as well. ;-) dessert yesterday.

tomorrow when i reach 500 flickr faves, i may do something similar to what mav did.

1 comment:

bugheart said...

are gorgeous
as is
your description
of the stockholm
(my most favorite place)
art show...
and what could
be more
and figs
(i eat most
of the
first too).